Alchemy –°lassic

for Android, Nokia Symbian, Samsung Bada and Windows Phone 7

This game is a re-make of the original Alchemy Game by Christian Steinruecken. The elements and reactions from the original game are used with permission.

Android Nokia Symbian Samsung Bada Windows Phone 7
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It is a simple puzzle game. You have only four start elements: Air, Earth, Water and Fire. Try to combine them to find new elements. Pass the evolution path from bacteria to mammals.

Now we are working for the new version with icons, sounds and gameplay. Stay on tune and watch news on our twitter.

Alchemy Classic for Windows version elements)

Alchemy Classic for Windows

For playing Alchemy Classic for Windows download Intel Atom App client. Pass simple registration. Find game by "Alchemy Classic" keyword and install it. In Alchemy Classic for Windows you can see the icons, animation and sounds for all elements. For update to the new version uninstall previous.

Intel Atom App

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